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Fear Free Certification—5 Benefits for Your Pet

Your pet’s happiness and health are codependent, and if your pet is stressed, they are predisposed to injury and illness. Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care offers Fear Free housecalls, and we would like to explain how this service benefits your pet. #1: Our Fear Free approach reduces your pet’s fear, anxiety, and stress When your pet [...]

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5 Reasons Your Senior Pet Needs Wellness Care

Pets older than 7 years of age are at higher risk for developing conditions that can significantly impact their health. Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care wants to explain why your senior pet should receive more extensive wellness visits. Reason #1: Your senior pet will receive a thorough physical examination We will assess your pet from head [...]

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Farewell, Dear Friend—the Gift of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

The time leading up to a pet’s euthanasia is emotionally charged with conflicting feelings of guilt, apprehension, gratitude, and relief. While these feelings are natural, your debilitated pet is still looking to you for reassurance and comfort during this time. By choosing an in-home euthanasia, you can ensure your pet has a peaceful, private, and [...]

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Small Sample, Big Results—Understanding Your Senior Pet’s Urinalysis

As your pet ages, their health needs change. Although disease prevention is still important, senior pet wellness care focuses on detecting early changes in organ health and function. Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care takes a comprehensive approach to senior pet health, combining physical evaluation with laboratory analysis of your pet’s blood and urine. While many pet [...]

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Zoo Who? Preventing Zoonotic Parasites in Pets and People

Sharing is a beautiful thing. We love to share our lives, homes, and sometimes our food with our pets, who give us unconditional love, and fill our days with laughter. Unfortunately, pets can also share their intestinal parasites—talk about ruining the moment. Before you reject your pet’s affection, learn how you can prevent zoonotic parasites [...]

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Don’t Weight—5 Ways to Prevent Dog Obesity

A little extra weight can make a big difference in your dog’s life. While many owners don’t seem to mind their dog being fat, nothing is cute about the increased risks caused by canine obesity, which include: Cancer Arthritis Kidney disease Chronic inflammation Respiratory disorders Skin disorders Orthopedic disease Start managing your dog’s weight today, [...]

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Wellness Care for Your Senior Dog

Dogs age faster than humans, and most are considered elderly by the time they reach 10 years of age. In fact, large-breed dogs reach this designation at the age of 6 years. While every pet should be evaluated by a veterinary professional at least once a year, senior pets should be seen at least every [...]

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11 Common Questions Answered About Vector-Borne Diseases in Pets

Several vector-borne diseases pose a threat to your pet, especially if certain precautions are not taken. Our team at Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care would like to answer some common questions concerning these dangerous diseases, to help ensure your pet remains healthy. #1: Which vector-borne diseases affect pets? A vector-borne disease is one that results from [...]

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When You Need to Call Your Vet

As opposed to humans, our pets cannot talk and tell us if they are not feeling well and what symptoms they are experiencing. Only a licensed veterinarian, using the appropriate lab equipment, can truly understand if your pet is well or, if not, what is going on with them. Here are the eight circumstances when [...]

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How a mobile clinic can benefit your dog

It’s time to take Fido to the vet again and you look forward to the experience with dread. First, you have to remember to give his pill for carsickness 2 hours before leaving for the appointment. Then it is time to get your heavy arthritic dog and your two children in the car to drive [...]

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