Telemedicine Visits for Existing Clients

For our house calls, Dr. Nieman comes to your driveway with a fully equipped mobile clinic housed in our Sprinter van.

While this is a great convenience, for our existing clients we offer the convenience of telemedicine visits via phone, email or text. As our house calls are limited to our physical market (Overland Park and vicinity), telemedicine visits have no geographical limits. You can be on a family vacation, business trip, family outing outside of the Overland Park area and still be able to have a consultation with Dr. Nieman. You just need a mobile phone and/or internet-connected computer.

Additionally, scheduling a telemedicine visit tends to much more responsive as it is simpler to arrange and there is no house call fee (saves $50).

Telemedicine works well for recheck exams, nutritional or behavioral consults, and when you have questions dealing with a pet having chronic medical conditions or senior issues. You can send photos or videos of your pet to our phone. EXISTING CLIENTS: Call for a telemedicine visit: (913) 912-2319 or Request A Telemedicine Appointment.

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